The Purpose

Wow it’s already June, and it’s time to go to SICC again. Last Friday, when we are organizing the transportation, I got separated car with my friend from Canada. And God, I admit it, I was disappointed. But I pray to You, may Your plan that happens in my life. Tomorrow morning, I’m shocked I can get in the same car with her. I just believe that’s an intervention from You. Thanks God 🙂

When we arrived at SICC, I can’t get the sit beside her, and truthfully I’m expecting her to sit beside me. But then You remind me,”what is your purpose coming here? Is it for her? Or to see Me?”. I just cried back then, apologizing for my mistake. Then I realized, the number 1 place in my heart has been changed, and because of that You make me apart from her like in my prayer. Thanks God, You answered my prayer and make me turn back at the path where I supposed to walk. I’m hoping, You watch over my heart, my mind, and my action so I can always walk with You 😀


*Based On True Stories