Prophetic Discussion

God, last Monday night, we’re having training worship leader, guitar, keyboard, drum, and bass. In the break time I take my time having a conversation with my mentor about prophetic, cause I know I still need to learn a lot of things about prophetic. My mentor said I must read the bible and understand what its meaning, not just read it. Also, he said to me to pray to stop the vision that I got lately, cause every vision must have a basic and the basic is Your words, God. I do realize I’m still lacking of Your words, so I want to learn to know more about You 🙂

After that, I told my friend from Canada about the message I got from my mentor. And I said to her, to read the bible too, because she is prophetic too like me. When I said to pray to stop the vision, she said she doesn’t want to do it. Because for her it’s like a big gift from You, God. Even she said, just thinking about to stop the vision she already sad. When she say that, in my mind I know she loves You more than she said. If I recall my prayer, I ask You a spouse that love You more than anything else and she’s qualified for that :p. In my heart I just hoping she is the one for me, but I want Your plan that happen in my life. Also, I pray if she’s the one that You choose, please open the way, if she’s not, please close the way. When I’m already close to her, I don’t want You in the second place, and if I make You the second, make me apart from her. Amen 😀

*Based On True Stories


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