The Best Plan For Her

Father, last Thursday, my Canada friend grandma’s was left the earth. I’m so sorry to heard that and I try to cheer her up. In my faith, she is coming to heaven. But I don’t know yet is it true or not, so at the prayer event, I ask You about it. And You just simply say,”I love her too, and I want her to be with me”. And then You give me a vision that she’s walking with You at a bridge to enter a door. Around the door there are so many clouds and the floor of the bridge is being made by red, yellow, and green onyx. It’s really really beautiful to see and I believe too there is no floor like that in earth.

Ohh, I almost forgot, I see the face of her grandma is smiling. And I believe her grandma is happy be with You, Father. I pray for her family to stay strong facing this situation, cause in You there is no accident, but it will always the best plan that You have for her. Amen 🙂


*Based On True Stories


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