Yesterday, I came to the funeral home, to give a visit to my Canada friend grandma. At first, I think there will be some peoples coming with me, but when the time is nearly come they all said they can’t come. But I said, I’m still coming even it means I come alone. In the way, I just wondering why did I must go? And I pray to You, Jesus,”I don’t know the reason for I’m coming there, but I surrender it in Your hand. Every words that come out from my mouth, it will be only Your words. And every action that I do, it’s already part of Your plan. Amen”.

When I arrived there, me and her having a conversation about a lot of things. Sometimes we laugh over something, and the most funniest thing is she bite the bean into two pieces but the nutshell is still covered the bean, then one piece is dropped at the table, but she said,”Ah, it’s dirty”. And she throw them into the plastic garbage then I’m laughing out loud :p. Sometimes she’s really funny, but sometimes she’s so cool. And she have a hobby biting the drinking straw, then the straw is becoming sprawl. When I ask why did she bite the straw, she’s laughing and we’re laughing :p

God, I just wondering, is she realize my feelings for her? Or she just think of me as a friend? Cause sometimes when she tells me about her friend in Vancouver, I was becoming awkward, and she always said in the end she don’t even know too if she’s like him too. God, I really want her to know my feelings for her, it’s my own desire, but in the end let Your plan that may happen in my life. And I pray to You God,”give her a smile and joy that will never gone. Amen”. Cause I want the best thing to happen in her life, not just my own desire 😀


*Based On True Stories


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