The Honesty

God, yesterday one of my best friend said sorry to me if he’s ever doing anything bad, or even if he’s ever hurt me with his words or his actions. And I’m glad he’s coming back as the old friend that I know, thanks to You, God. And also thanks to my friend from Canada :p

But at the same time, I’m also sad, because he said he’s hoping that my friend from Canada will be his future. I can’t even properly said that I like her, but now my best friend is liking her too. At the same time, I was asked to become a worship leader this Thursday. It’s not like I’m arrogant, but I’m thinking if I lead people to see You, but me, myself was miserable, how could that be? So, I pray to You, to heal me if You want me to be the worship leader this Thursday.

I can’t even sleep last night thinking how should I do this. And it’s so hurt for me, God. Every time I’m starting to like someone, it’s always like this, and in the end I try to solve it myself. But not this time, I come to You, God, begging for Your mercy and Your grace. Cause I don’t want to fell again in the same mistakes, in the same situations, and in the same problems. I even cried, cause it’s so heavy for me. But You heard my prayer and said,”Believe Me and believe in My promise”. And when I do that, You really change every thing that miserable, become a bright one. I just can’t thank You enough, God 😥

You made me had a phone call with her, without any plan from the start. I even never thinking about it, I’m really really grateful for it. Maybe she think of me just as friend, but right now, I’ll be honest with You, God. I like her so much, and I ask for Your permission, to become close with her. So she will think of me not just as a friend, not as best friend, not as brother, but more than that with Your permission too. Cause You’re our Father and if You granted the permission, I know You will make a way for us 😀


*Based On True Stories


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