Chit Chat

Dear Father,

Last Friday is the day of Empowered 21, and I’m so excited about it. Before we go, I went to pick up my friend from Canada. She said she haven’t eat anything for lunch, so we buy some food. Then we gather with the others and go to the SICC. In the car, my friends make me sit at the back with her alone. All the way, we chat about a lot of things, even the “gift” from You Father, the confirmation – confirmation, and many other things. It’s like we have our own world and my friends have theirs. Sometimes they teasing us, but we don’t make any respond, maybe it’s because the chat is too exciting for us :p

Finally we’ve arrived, and it’s raining. My friends just run without anything in their head, but me and her share an umbrella, because she cares so much with her bag :p , but it’s okay. And she paid Rp 10.000,- for the umbrella, I just wondering in my heart, it’s sooooo expensive for an umbrella. Then we go in for the event, and it’s really really amazing, it’s like Your Presence is making me feel so calm. And I was so amazed by You, Father 😀

Then, finally we’re going home, and along the way home, we chat again about our life, our experience in the old times and we know each other better now. And I know it’s the work of Your hand, Father. Thank you so much 🙂

*Based On True Stories


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