The Shepherd of My Life

God, since the last Monday, I just feel that I can’t reach You. I can’t hear Your voice. But I know You’re there watching over me, leading my way, but still I can’t speak to You. It feels so depressed to walk alone in this life. But You’re so good to me, You give me friend so I can share of this problem to her 🙂

I’m afraid that I could be an annoying one for her, because almost everyday I contact her. But she said to me,”come on, tell me what’s the matter”. God, I never know Your plan of me, but when You let her come into my life, I’m afraid that I’ll be in love in her. Cause she’s so good, has a warm heart, she follows You with all of her heart. In my past, I always walk on my own, to decide who is the one I like. But in the end, You stopped me with a failure. This time, when You give me a problem, I just can share it to her. Is this what You want, God? If this is my own selfish wants, please cut it out. Because I want You to lead my way, not I’m leading You. Cause You’re the shepherd and I’m the sheep, and wherever You want me to walk, I will follow You 😀


*Based On True Stories


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