The Ascension Day

The Ascension Day is coming~

I’m really really can’t wait for this day, God. One day before, I just ask my mentor if we can do a prayer in my church, because there’s no celebration in my church. She said to ask the other mentor, okay and I ask my other mentor. I was a little depressed that time, and thinking it can’t be done. Then out of my expectation my mentor said,”of course!”, and the first sentence come out from mouth is “Thanks God”, I don’t know why, it’s like I’m really excited about that prayer. After that, I tell my friend who is from Canada that, there will be a prayer in our church tomorrow and she’s excited too.

And the day I’ve been waiting has come. We will start the prayer at 10 o’clock, but I’ve been there since 9.45. At 10.05 she’s coming with a shocked face, because there’s no one else. We start talking and I’m playing the guitar. Since there’s 2 guitars, so she take one but she said she can’t play it. Not too long after that, my friends are coming and we start the prayer.

After we finished the prayer, we decided to go to the mall. And it’s like a double date for me, but I know she don’t see it that way and maybe she’s uncomfortable, so sometimes I take a distance from her. But it’s okay, I’m grateful God, I can spend a lot of time with her and knowing her better.

One thing that I can learn in this day, when I seek You in the first place, You will make a way for me. But still, I don’t know if she’s the one or not. I’m still waiting for Your confirmation with a lot of joy 😀


*Based On True Stories


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