Wow, it’s already Saturday again, Thanks Jesus 🙂

Jesus, this time I was assigned as a Worship Leader, and my friend who is from Canada was assigned as a singer. Before I start the practice, I always choose to pray alone in the prayer room. In my prayer, I ask for Your Holy Spirit filling me, so I’m full of Your presence. And the last question in my prayer, I’m asking for Your confirmation about the person who is going to be my spouse, and when You answered me,”I will make something that you will realize it’s a sign from Me”. I’m just thinking is this my own heart speaking? But still, I’m waiting for the moment You tell me, and it’s really happening. At first seeing her, she feels a little tired, so I don’t joke a lot with her. But just then, You made a moment just like the two of us talking without anyone else. I realized, that’s the moment You made for me as a sign.

But still, it’s like I’m still waiting for Your confirmation again and again. The strongest confirmation for me is when she said to me or she ask me,”Is it you who are going to be my spouse?”. Then I’m sure that’s the sign from You, Jesus. And teach me how to be more sensitive about Your voice and Your message 😀


*Based On True Stories


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