Focus to You, Lord

It’s back! The Worship Leader training. I was waiting for a long time to practice again. And finally the time has come. Woohoo, really really big thanks Jesus 😀

This time, my friend from Canada will join the training. And we really appreciate her for coming to join us. Even she’s a bit late, but she still get the practice too. And when she’s singing, her voice is so clean and soft. Then I know, why did You give her a “gift” like You did to me. Cause she has a soft and beauty heart. It’s like I said about her was so exaggerated, but I know it’s the truth, isn’t it Father? And I’m amazed because of You

Then some of my friend, start a gossip of me and her. It’s about the last Saturday that I stay alone with her in the living room. And the bad news, it’s affect me! It makes me become awkward with her, and I know she feels a little awkward too, but she don’t show it and covered it with her smile. After I get home, I said my sorry to her, because of me she got gossiped too. But she answered me,”it’s okay, I don’t really mind that kind of gossip, cause I don’t like awkwardness so I choose not to bother it.” Thanks God, she’s saying like that. And one more thing that I learn from her, she don’t care about the world business, because she’s just too focused in You, Lord. And I’m start thinking to have a focus like her too :p

Thanks Lord, for Your teachings for me through her 😀


*Based On True Stories


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