Healing Movement Camp


My church is making an event called “Healing Movement Camp”

At first, I thought there will be a lot participants

But one week before the event, it’s far beyond our imagination

It’s less than 15 peoples that have been registered


God, why is it so hard to bring people to be healed?

It’s not for me, not for anybody, but it’s for themselves

They said, they’re Christian, but they choose to having fun than You

I don’t know how should I do this

This morning, I tried to contact every people that I know they’re Christian

But it’s a big ZERO


It’s feel like I want to cry

Cause I can’t even do this simple thing for You

Please help me God..

Please hear my prayer..

Cause I know, when You help me, it will be a different story…


*Based on true story


3 of 365

It’s already the third day in 2013

Time is running so fast

I just hoping this year I don’t do the mistakes that I already did in 2012

And the most important thing

Please don’t make walk on my own

Let me always walk with You, God

Wherever i am..

Whatever i do…

I want You always be with me….

So when the storms coming, I will fly through it

Cause all have is You, God =)